About TNT Family Restaurant

Our story begins in the year 1958. My father Gus migrated from Greece to Canada to seek a better life. He initially came in September of 1958 and couldn’t find work for 3 months due to the tough economy. He found his first job washing dishes at the Embassy Restaurant in Regina, later he became a bartender at the Georgia Hotel in Regina. He then moved to Swift Current and opened the Modern Family Restaurant with his brother Louie. In the process he helped bring over many relatives to the community. My father married my mother Christine in Greece on October 15, 1967 and she came over to start their life together. My parents purchased this property 38 years ago. They always had a vision to be successful with honesty,hard work and faith. For the past 25 years my brother and I still keep our parents ethics. We always try to give the best quality of food, service and give our patrons that family style atmosphere that my parents taught us through the years. We try to remember our clients by their names. Our restaurant atmosphere is great for couples to families or small groups/teams. We have two large tables which can accommodate 8-20 people great for special gatherings. Book ahead for Birthdays/anniversaries or your team!!

Many of our TNT crew have been with us for many years. We have all grown to be like one big “happy” family most of the time hahaha. We are blessed to have them all working for us. We all work together as a team from our hard working cooking Staff: Jenny Lam(25years), Cheong Tat Lam (23years), Betty Chan who helped start us out when we first opened and has been helping us this last year and a half (approx 9 years) also to our other kitchen staff Francis S (7years), Clarence aka”Smiley” (1year 1/2), Cai yun aka”Grandma” (4years) and Brad (1year). To all of our pleasant servers Bernice Schaitel (19years), Rhonda Hurrell (19years), Mary Ries (7years), Sam Mantie (5years), Alhea Joy Quedit (1year) and lastly our front hostess staff Faye (4years), Diana (4years), Patti (2years), Eileen (2years) All the dedication of these staff members make the success of what TNT Family Restaurant is today!!.

So you ask why TNT? What does it stand for? Well 26 years ago my father gave my brother and I the opportunity to take over this restaurant. My brother and I were very young and my dad decided to name it “TNT” meaning “dynamite”. He wanted a name that was easy for people to remember but also wanted people to relate it to a “dynamite” experience when you would come here. It also can be interpreted by my first name in Greek which can be “Taki” and my brothers name is “Nick” and our last name is “Tsougrianis” so if you take the first letter of each of our names that could have been my Dads reasoning for the name TNT. I believe he was and still is a die hard WWF/WWE wrestling fan and it was on the network at the time which was called TNT network so he thought of it that way also maybe?


From our family Gus, Christine, Nick, Karen, Marie, Aleni, Gabrielle and Pete Tsougrianis, we hope you enjoy the TNT Family Restaurant dynamite experience!!